The following is a list of books and articles about Surry with, where possible, a guide to where the item might be found.  Please let us know if you know of other books and articles about Surry that should be in this list.

Bonsey, Osmond. Surry, Maine: An Informal History. Surry, ME: The Town of Surry, Maine, 2003.

Bunney, Nora. Summering in Surry for 40 Years: The Places, the People, the Changes: Personal Observations and Reminiscences. Unpublished typescript, undated, available at the Surry Historical Society.

Dolan, Anne Robinson. Surry, Maine, 1850-1880: A History of Four Neighborhoods. Masters Project, University of Southern Maine, 1997.

Hill, Albert. The Albert Hill Papers. Unpublished notes on the families of Surry, available at the Ellsworth (ME) Public Library.

Honey, Mark E. King Pine, Queen Spruce, and Jack Tar: An Intimate History of Lumbering on the Union River. Five Volumes. Printed by the Snowman Group, 2009-2017.

Jellison, Connee. Hancock County: A Rockbound Paradise. Norfolk, VA: The Donning Company/Publishers, 1990.

Leonard, Carol. Bad Beaver Tales. Ellsworth, ME: Bad Beaver Publishing, 2018.

LeVine, Sarah (Ed.). Toddy Pond, A History. Surry, ME: The Toddy Pond Association, 2016.

Lord, Phillips H. Seth Parker’s Scrapbook. New York: Phillips H. Lord, Inc., 1935.

Melcher, Sue. “Treading the Boards in Surry.” Memories of Maine, Downeast Edition, Summer 2013, pp. 19-23. [About the Surry Playhouse]

Stevens, Robert. The Oatmeal Stories. Charleston, SC: CreateSpace, 2014.

Surry’s Centennial Souvenir – 1903.  (Available here.)

2003 Seventh Grade. The Game of Surry, Maine. Surry, ME: Surry School, 2003.

Wasson, Samuel. East Surry, Maine: 27 Decades of History: 1613-1883. Unpublished typescript.

The following items need additional information:

Bostwick, Dora McGraw. Down to the Bay.

1908 Ellsworth, Surry, Blue Hill Census

Along the Union River, Images of America Series.

Curtis, John. Booklets on Surry topics.

Gilman, Dorothy. Mrs. Butterfield detective stories.

Diaries by Surry residents.

Jan Willem Van de Wetering ?

Town Reports.

Audio recordings by Surry residents.

Smith, Luther T. “Westward, Ho!” Ellsworth American, written in North Surry, Aug. 2, 1897.

Silsby, Herbert T. “Looking Backward,” series of articles published in the Ellsworth American.

Collection of Clippings from the Ellsworth American, about 1896-1912, indexed, at the Ellsworth Public Library.

Surry Day, 1966 – published in the Weekly Packet.

Surry authors: Zoe Weil, Peter Zimmerman (author, illustrator on Newbury Neck), Susan Shetterly (Crossroads, Seaweed Chronicles).

Surry Opera Company.

Surry Zendo.


Ellsworth American special articles on Surry.

Genealogies of Surry families.

Articles from Maine Bibliography.